2019 I moved back to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My vision of art changes completely, sometimes I think that new places evoke different sensations, and through images that remote from my childhood and the lifestyle in Brazil, I create Nemesis a series of expressionist paintings, full of hybrids that exude the beauty of optimism in brazil, where I seek to connect popular iconographies that come from series and video games to draw them in a way that a child would, with total freedom and without prior study, letting myself be carried away by my artistic instinct and transforming it into action-packed cartoon monsters and emotion, this mountain of memories of my childhood are related to the homely feeling in which I feel being in a city like Rio de Janeiro. I am looking for the beauty of a painting through the squiggles and the irregularity of the lines. The paintings are made with acrylic paint and Spray, the latter has a very important meaning for my work, since since 1979 the aerosol became a means of illegal activity, which in some way is related to the illegal work that I support in my lifetime.


In 2018 I was living in Manila, Philippines. I had quite a rock star youth, where sex, drugs and alcohol were my great friends, they accompanied me wherever I went, in fact it was free and sometimes I made money with it, I thought I was happy because it was the life I wanted when I was little, the typical story that they sold you on Mtv, the channel I grew up with. But actually I felt sad, empty and superficial. I was on the dark side of the earth and without a close family member where I could vent my thoughts. It was here when I found myself with painting I decided that I did not want this life anymore and I promised to focus on what I really wanted to become. "The Voice of My Soul" is the abstract representation of my thoughts in a moment full of anguish, loneliness, anxiety and suffering. At that time I contracted syphilis and I was scared, they injected me with an antibiotic that hurt terribly, but fortunately it cured me but then I had another concern, some fact things came out in my mouth and my lymph nodes became inflamed as if it were an infection, they did an MRI magnetic to rule out that it was cancer, but in the end everything was right, I was always fine thank God, apparently all that anguish was forming in my head due to the detoxification of drugs. For an instant I thought I would die young but was never too late to make the mistakes and move on.  The paintings are made with acrylic paint mix with glue.


After I left Venezuela due to the dictatorship, I went to travel the world, discovering myself, visiting America, Europe and Asia, but after 4 years of absence I decided to return to Venezuela, to make my first solo exhibition in my hometown. Genesis is the personal transformation of an existential journey, where I seek to represent the origin of everything through points that allude to the elementary particles of the universe, this series, although it seems that they are abstract paintings in fact is figurative because it is the way in which I think that everything is formed, just as in science the particles that make up the matter. The paintings were made through the pointillism technique and without prior study.